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Who's yo mommy? (For [personal profile] nomorepantiesplz and [personal profile] mightiswright)

It wasn't often that her daddy used the "really really serious" voice. But that was the voice he used when he called her after school that day and told her he needed to talk to her at home, right away, the moment the bell rang.

Trucy wracked her brain for any reason why he might be so serious. She couldn't think of anything she'd done bad recently, and all her grades were good... so it couldn't be her. Maybe something bad had happened. What, she could hardly imagine.

Even cheerful little Trucy couldn't be very cheerful with a thing like that looming over her, though she did her best, smiling as she came in the door. Apollo was there too, and that really made her wonder what was going on. Maybe something had gone wrong with a case, or a client.

"Hi Daddy," she said, and hung up her school bag by the door. "Is everything okay?"
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Phoenix doesn't look surprised by Apollo's answer. Not that he hasn't made practically a job of keeping a poker face, but this isn't so much that as the look of someone who got pretty much what he was expecting.

Foster system, huh... It's not really his place to judge the sometimes questionable decisions made by certain (or all, frankly) members of Troupe Gramarye. But all the same, it really is amazing Apollo turned out the way he did. He's a good kid, through and through. A little too earnest at times, which is only going to make all of this a lot harder.

"Something like that," he says slowly. "Apollo, you probably don't know this, and Trucy... you were probably too young to remember. But that bracelet is actually one of a pair."
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