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Trucy Wright ([personal profile] everylittlething) wrote in [community profile] getggwithit 2014-11-24 08:22 pm (UTC)

It is now my turn to suck


Trucy isn't often to lose the smile on her face, but speaking of her mother is one way to do it. For all the turmoil she's been through because of her biological father, she's at least gotten some manner of closure, even if some of the questions will never be answered or never make sense to her. But her mother... she had never gotten much of the way of resolution about what happened to her. Even Uncle Valant and her father didn't know that.

She looks back and forth from the bracelet to Apollo, then back up to Phoenix.

"But... why would Apollo have something of my mother's?" she asks carefully. Though there is... an idea forming in the back of her head. A strange little idea that makes no sense at all... until she thinks about it a little more.

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