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Apollo Justice ([personal profile] nomorepantiesplz) wrote in [community profile] getggwithit 2014-11-11 11:13 am (UTC)

"Her... mother?"

Thalassa Gramarye. Apollo had first heard the name in the course of their final trial against Kristoph, and that meant he only knew what clinical details had been relevant to the case, and in turn the case that had gotten Mr. Wright disbarred. She died in an accident, and that was the dirty secret that Magnifi Gramarye had held over the heads of the rest of the troupe. Put that way they were clear-cut facts, and back then Apollo had little interest in it beyond what it meant for Trucy, and for the case.

Now, Apollo is looking at Phoenix like he's grown two heads, struggling through his shock to even be able to form words. "This is her bracelet? You're sure... this isn't a mistake?"

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